Stichting Overal (Foundation “Everywhere”) supports small-scale projects of political, social, cultural and/or economic nature, that:

  • contribute to a sustainable improvement of self-reliance of disadvantaged groups;
  • have been initiated within these groups themselves;
  • do not exclude people on the basis of race, religion, gender, nationality, ethnicity or sexual orientation
  • (NOTE: we support organizations or groups, not individuals)

Within these criteria, we favor projects that:

  • have an educational and/or emancipatory goal
  • are not too large in size (compatible with our own size: we are only a small organization and can, in general, donate maximal sums of 5 to 10.000 Euros, in rare cases some more)

How to apply for funding? please read ALL of the information below before deciding to apply!

FIRSTLY: Please do not mistake us for a global or international NGO. We are a small thrift store (second hand shop) in the Netherlands, run by volunteers, and we donate our proceeds to about 10 small scale projects each year. We have limited funds. But we receive hundreds of applications each year. Your project should of course fall within the criteria as mentioned above. But even then, your application will be one of very many. And we can only support a few of these. So make it easy for us to quickly get an idea of what your project is all about. Make it easy for us to get a good first impression.The shorter your initial application, the better! Make us want to know more!

SECONDLY: We are not able to check projects on site, we rely on independent references in the Netherlands: people who are NOT involved in the project or the organization that applies for funding, but who do know the local situation and can tell us about it, independently. Without an independent reference in the Netherlands your application will NOT be considered.

Send your application BY E-MAIL to

Describe what it is about in ONE PAGE (maximum 2):

  • Name of the project, name of the organization that applies for funding.
  • Country, region, location of the project; name, address, e-mail address of the contact on location.
  • Name and (e-mail-) address of contact / reference in the Netherlands (by reference we mean a person who is NOT involved in the project or in your organization, but who can tell us about the region, the project an your organization).
  • Summary of the project and its goals: Who came up with the idea, who benefits, what is the situation and how does the project contribute to a solution.
  • Sustainability: explain why the project has a chance to succeed en how long-term goals
    are accomplished. In the long run, can the project sustain itself, and how.
  • Budget (you can add this as an attachment): what is the total budget of the project, what amount do you ask of Stichting Overal, what other sponsors / partners do you have supporting the project. How do the beneficiaries of the project contribute themselves?
  • Budget of your organisation (you can add this as an attachment): annual reports, financial overview of the organisation running /co√∂rdinating the project.
  • You can also add photos, weblinks etc. as attachments.

Please do NOT send reminders, be aware that we are a small organization and it can take us several weeks or sometimes months to go through all the applications, so be patient, you will get an answer.

How do we assess an application for funding:

The applications for funding are assessed by stichting Overal itself and under the responsibility of Overal itself. We reserve the right to ask third-party information or -references.